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Bringing Maltese tiles back to life




Each Lazarus Tile is a unique, handmade, Maltese tile which has been salvaged from a house where it couldn't be re-used. 

I was inspired to start the Lazarus Tiles project after completing my home renovation and learning so much about the history of Maltese tiles and the way that they are made. 

While working on my second renovation, I started The Lazarus Club on Instagram to document the process and how I planned to bring many aspects of the house back to life. This included Maltese tiles salvaged from all over the island, saving them from the landfill in the process.

While they no longer fulfil their original purpose, I like to think of these tiles as though they are enjoying their retirement, not having to bear any weight after generations of doing so in our homes.



PS. Thanks and love to Ivor for the inspiration, Matt for getting me excited about it and Jo for pushing me to finally get going.



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