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Whether wanting to preserve Maltese tiles left over from a home renovation or just craving your own wall art with tiles you've found, we can create your very own Lazarus Tiles edition for you.


Once you select and purchase one or more Resurrect Your Own products, you will be asked to deliver your Maltese Tiles to our studio in Gżira. We will then clean, restore and assemble your beloved tile within its own bespoke Lazarus Tiles frame. We will also select an edition name for the pattern in consultation with you and confirm this with a Lazarus Tiles certificate.


Your personal Lazarus Tiles editions will be available to collect or deliver within four days of collection. 

Resurrect Your Own

SKU: 023
  • Size 21cm x 21cm

    Frame Steel

    Weight 2.7kg

    Installation instructions
    To hang your Lazarus Tile attach two small hooks 15cm apart.
    If hanging on a stone wall, use a drill and plastic wall plugs with hooks to avoid damaging the stone. 
    If attaching to a gypsum wall use plasterboard plugs and hooks to ensure that the Lazarus Tile is securely hung.

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